2016 Black History Program: Freedom Now

Landover, MD – Prince George’s Church of Christ celebrated multiple events on Saturday, February 27, 2016, for Black History Month. In addition to acknowledging our 16th anniversary as a congregation, we held our annual Black History Program: Freedom Now! and hosted a send off to the McMillon family as they prepare to move to Seattle, Washington.

For the third year in a row, Bro Brian McClure and many of the teens and young adults produced an informational and entertaining program for the end of Black History Month. This year’s program highlighted several events from the civil rights era: the Freedom March in Detroit in June 1963; challenges faced by a Massachusetts college student attending school in the south and facing segregation; an SNCC bus ride to Birmingham, Alabama, and for the second year in a row, a Black Wax Museum concept highlighting noteworthy African Americans in arts, sports, politics, and civil rights. Black history is a direct part of our congregation: Sis Marlene Dortch, the daughter of Olympic track and field star Jesse Owens, was also part of today’s program.

“We’re so grateful that so many of our young people participate in this program. Many of the participants in the civil rights era were primarily under 40” stated Dr. Bruce McClure, minister of Prince George’s Church of Christ, during the closing of the program. Bro Brian McClure reminded our young people “It’s never to early to start making a difference.”

Following the program, a fellowship meal was held for members and guests. The McMillon’s have been members of PG for 6 years. Bro Jarel McMillon, a Sunday morning song leader, has served as our high school level bible class teacher. Sis Verjeigh McMillon has been our Zumba fitness instructor and mistress of ceremonies and coordinator for various ladies programs and youth events. Bro and Sis McMillon, along with their two children, will sincerely be missed as contributing and active members, and dear friends, of our congregation.

Another successful Black History Month event at PG!

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